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Re: Capricornian Aquarius Paradox

I love being an Aquarius, but I am not a stellium person this life, So imagining into what it would be like to have Sun , Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius in the 1st House, makes me laugh. Pretty cool indeed.

With Capricorn Rising, it is like you ARE the Age of Aquarius, it has dawned already.

Now I'm an Aquarius, married to an 1st House with Venus and Chiron Aquarius, surrounded by other Aquariums. It is great, as soon as you understand that Aquarius energy always wants to download a whole tutorial.

Example, one Aquarius neighbor is a master gardener, and another neighbor is a Scorpio, also a master gardener. They compete, needless to say.

So who do I ask about when I should plant peas?

The Scorpio. Because he will give me a one sentence answer. If I ask the Aquarius, I get the whole tutorial. Is it a brilliant tutorial. Absolutely. Takes only a couple hours to get the basics of his vision.

In my case, don't ask me about astrology, not unless you want the whole download. But notice. Here on the internet, within an astrology community, I can go on and on about astrology, and it is fine and good.

Sooo, what are your areas of genius? List them and find folk who want your tutorials, and try not to download too much on people who aren't into you, or your subject matter.

Capricorn Rising folk are here to be ethical leaders. They need to leave something concrete behind when they die - a book, a building, an empire, a body of work. With your Moon on your Rising, people see your heart. So be hyper-ethical, patient and true, like a noble Capricorn - write down your goals, take one step at a time. You will succeed in perfect timing.

BUT, with so much Aquarius, you are a maverik, an anti-authoritarian, and a different drum, not simply a different drummer. So you are Leader, NOT Leader - which is totally cool.

Now what Aquairus and Capricorn have in common is Saturn! They are both builders. And your Saturn is in Gemini (you are a communicator, networker, computer geekish, information gathering and distributor) in the 6th House of health, and daily routines, and exercise, and work styles, and healing.

Uranus which is the other ruler of your Aquairus stellium is in the 9th House of global awareness,and higher mind, and art and philosophy and music and travel and spirituality - very inspiring. Never stop exploring and learning.

With Scorpio on the Midheaven your career and calling is about transformation and about using power well. Bit mysterious. But with your Aquarius stellium, you mustn't expect people to understand you. They won't. Which isn't to say you won't be deeply appreciated and loved.

And/But don't forget your soul's purpose. Your North Node is unaspected and in the 12th. You must go after it, and your life (and your head) can easily distract you.

Elizabeth Spring on NN in 12th


And NN in Sage.


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