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Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
Love-life: Mars rules it via the 7th. You might find someone close to where you live with similar roots, perhaps even someone you've known since your childhood, given Mars is in Cap and in the 4th.

Mars-Uranus shows that there will be initial excitement and mundane gets boring. Mars-Pluto means some power struggles are a part of that, even from your side. But what I like is that Mars is exalted as ruler of the 7th, so this area is sort of blessed.

Do you have a good relationship with your mum?

Your career is also something that will get you recognition. Moon in Leo in the 11th with aspects to Saturn and Jup is good to have. Do you have quite a few female colleagues you work with? What line are you in?
Yes I have a good relationship with my mom 😍

Was in banking full of women. Now teach people in business I for their degrees. Businesses such as banking, corporate places so gender is mixed. Banks were full of women though. Now some colleagues are women but donít see them as my work is alone going to people and the people are mixed gender
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