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Re: The natal chart all interpretations welcome

Originally Posted by PlutoLibScoAsc View Post
The most talked "Black moon Lilith (BML)" is not showing in your chart.
When you select the chart, underneath there is another field for selection, choose the one "...with asteroids" all the main asteroids including black moon Lilith will show up. The net have more info on BML compared to other liliths. Fyi, BML has a symbol of crescent moon on top of a cross.
You can also enter BML on its own, by selecting it from the list of asteroids.
Doing a chart with all the asteroids often just gives too much information and makes the chart so cluttered it becomes hard to read because you have to mentally eliminate all the excess.
One very helpful entry is the south moon's node (descending node) that you can click on in the options area.
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