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Re: Lilith and Kundalini

Originally Posted by Bee Awareness View Post
I feel that Lilith and Kundalini both represent the yin energy, the feminine Creative Force that is present within each of us... and where Lilith resides in our charts can show us where in life, depending on the house and sign, lie our our greatest challenges in expressing ourselves in this way and also at the same time, where our greatest potential is! The year I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening was when my ‘progressed Lilith’ was conjunct my AC! And as grateful as I am for this most life changing experience, I recommend never forcing this energy until it is ready, as it can cause hypersensitivities and exacerbate already existing health conditions... as I found out, having narrowly survived a cancer that I was dealing with at the time. Overall, I remain in gratitude for everything that happens as I believe everything in every moment is exactly as it needs to be for our greatest expansion!
my lilith is in pisces conjunct my moon in the 1st house . i am always blinded by who my wife should be thanks to this pitfall. i zeroed in though yet am confused.
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