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Originally Posted by theM View Post
Hi planet9! =)

In theory you could be right but in practice:
How should it work if the month pillar is calculated using the chinese lunar calendar?
12 month signs but not always 12 months like you said.
Sometimes there’s a leap month.
That would be imbalance.It would be more logical to calculate it after the solar agricultural calendar.
I found even on chinese sites that the Spring begin is 315 degrees of the solar year meaning February 3-5.

On this site- the problem is explained and they assigned it the way I say but your idea is not wrong as there's a system where they use lunar and solar months.

Without this knowledge, above-mentioned,
most people will be confused about the solar months and lunar months.
They may think all Chinese Fortune-Telling system use lunar months. Actually, the Fortune-Telling system called Eight Characters only uses the solar month, not the lunar month. The other popular system called Dipper uses solar month and lunar month together.

Another source:

So the equivalent of Scorpio =
first 15 degrees of Scorpio: Dog / second 15 degrees of Scorpio: Pig
has a basis and is not bogus as you said.
Sorry,but bogus sounded really unfriendly.

Id like to say this is an amazing thread, and am largely amazed at how polite everyone is being. That being said, id like to interject some thoughts on the matter, and please forgive my grammar im posting from a tiny smart phone, and i cant be bothered, lol.

So, i too have been researching into this cunundrum, and i have noticed the following... Many of the websites agree through various explanations that say the zodiacal sign of sheep corresponds to 15 degrees cancer, to 15 degrees leo, whether you are using the four pillars methods or the agricultural calender directly, is moot, they all agree when it comes to the months....

The biggest problem is, and ill be the elephant in the room but, the year signs are ACTUALLY based loosely on the position of jupiter in the tropical zodiac, and that takes approximately 11.87 years to complete a cycle, calindrics however admirable your efforts are at tracking dates, are substantially invalid over time, thus intercalary months etc, because they arent actually based on observation,

the big problem your having difficulty coming to terms with is you did all that work, and want to be proud of what you achieved on the calender software, but from an astrological perspective you're still wrong.

Do me a favour, and instead of bickering back and forth about this without any astrological information to verify your claims, pick a chart preferably of a friend or family member, find Jupiter, try both methods, use traditional interpretations using each of the methods discussed, and post the results, ill gladly eat my words, if i am wrong, but for instance, i was born october 12th 1978, and that places me in the horse year, however, correlating jupiter with the agricultural calender, that firmly places me in the sign of sheep/goat, whatever, and i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt i most strongly resemble a person with the attributes of the goat sign, and not at all the horse sign, but dont take my word for it, do the research, and post what you found easily solved, instead of bickering about who did more work, bad work does not equate to accuracy, just do it.

Ps its called astrology for a reason... If you want to argue about calenders please find a calender reform page to bicker on about calenders
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