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Re: Too many Configurations!!!

Hi Astroman,

I don't think it's bad to have so many configurations. You work with what you have natally. I don't think there are any worse charts, even charts that don't have as much action with hardly any configurations and lots of soft aspects have their problems because of this. These charts can sometimes lack drive.

On the orbs question I used to use tighter orbs, and there was an aspect in my chart that I would never own, it was Mars in 6th Aquarius square my 3rd house Uranus it's over 8 degrees and I would never accept it in my chart for years. I know now that through my communication style, I can be an arrogant little brat . And I am ashamed of the way I have communicated. Others factors in my chart overrided it like my 7th house planets and Pisces. It took longer to appear in my life, but it is strong. From a direct personal experience the wider orbs can work, also if your planets in wider orb fall on an angle it can become more dominant this way (my Mars and Uranus sit on angles). Most of the time as I said before the tighter aspects are more dominant. Again use the orbs that you personally feel work. Jeremy and Arian use tighter orbs, I use looser orbs. There is no right or wrong just personal choice.
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