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Learning Depth Insights into Life

Hello there ☺ I've seen various posts from this site when I've been researching the deep and the dark. I'm hoping to learn more and to validate life experiences before turning to other charts, some of whom have experienced similar challenges in Life. I've seen plenty of "coffee table" explanations on aspects in my chart and have not been able to accept them though understand the psychological issues of denial etc. Over the years I've read other explanations which were bang on but it seems they're not generally spoken about/ used. . .I don't know why. I began reading astrology around 10 years old. . .I believe I was being drawn to Truth. . .astrology led to my interest in psychology and my journey to understand, me, my experiences and the why's and wherefore. Excuse the long post. . .I have high end ADHD undiagnosed til recently. .still learning about it but I've learned I waffle and tangent and this is a symptom along with a lack of stubborn (♉&#127749 as well we just ain't! So hello and I look forward to learning 😉
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