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Re: Personal asteroids and their meanings

Yes, I tried different variations on my name, and then inserted them into the charts of two important persons for me.
I don't want to get lost here in details, but to give you an idea, I used 6 variations of my name:
- first husband's chart has one of these conjunct his Venus/mars, another conjunct his sun, another conjunct his moon, another conjunct his Neptune. (he matches up with 4 of the 6 name variations).
- second and current husband's chart has one of the variations conjunct his Venus, one conjunct his sun, one conjunct his moon. (again, three variations link with his chart).
- an important person from the past, has one variation of my name on his natal Venus, but another one conjunct his name when I do a synastry chart.
I can't eliminate any of the variations because they are not all one of them making these links, but involving all six.
So what do I make of this? Is this useful?
I also did some comparisons on charts of married couples I know, where I came up with only one link in one of the charts. I also tried some charts of famous persons, for example Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, no links I could find.
So, is this all just spending energy doing silly work, or does this have some meaning?
I did see a video with the Bill Clinton links with all his women, and Prince Charles with Camilla and Diana, which is all mesmerising and fun.
So it seems sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
Or does this mean that where there is no link these couples are somehow mis-matched?
I really don't know what importance to give to this, or how to evaluate it. Any insight?
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