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Re: It seems that I live in misfortunes that do not end

You have some aspects in common with mine.
I feel you.
Sun in Sag
Mars Square Saturn
Venus in Scorpio
Venus opposite Jupiter
Harsh Mars/Neptune
Saturn in 10th (similar to your Saturn conjunct MC)
Harsh Neptune/MC aspect
Many Angular planets

By far, what striked my attetnion to your question in chart is Saturn. Saturn is quite strong in your chart by being in domicile and conjunct MC, making it angular, proeminent and double domicile. and for a Piscean Moon(very sensitive) and optimist and cheerful Sagittarian can be more heavy than others.

Saturn is associated with depression and when someone has too much Capricorn/Saturn energy, they feel a heavy weight on their shoulders (being it work, diseases,reputation). They deal with very important stuff, stuff that people that may not have the energy and resilience to keep going.

Currectly, I am 19 yo and no matter how many times I would seek help from others to get me out of the dirt, that made me pulled behind. My actions(Mars) square(has problems) with discipline(Saturn).My Mars rules the 10th , which is my reputation and career, and
Saturn rules my 7th house, which is other people and partneships being these in conflict is not cool, but I know that our charts can be worked on. Don't think you chart is a death sentence because you can't change your life. That's not it at all. I recommend you to read about Mars Square Saturn and Angular Saturn, there are always ways to make everything in your chart in a positive energy in your life.
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