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Re: It seems that I live in misfortunes that do not end

reyrpm : in case get clues to help adapt as relevant,
do share feedbacks how true-insightful-helpful,
talents-traits-health-events-trends-prospects etc etc :

past 3 yrs sat transit sun sag 9th,

acq-sat inimical for aries asc,
slow-down in luck, great stress in luck-edu-father-travels-health etc

sun lord 5th over sag 9th, philosophical, optimist, ambitious, sportive, impulsive;
luck with sports medicine, hospital management, law-justice, etc etc

jup year ahead now transit sun-sag trine aries asc trine leo 5th for luck-edu etc;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers at alter at home fri evenings;

mars own aries first, growth through own merit, action orientation-impulsive,
good at operations managment, police, defence services, etc;
prone to accident by fire to care;

9th lord jup for luck over creative taurus 2nd good for
family-fin-banking-nutrition-ENT-dental aptitudes and advisory roles; loud singing melodius voice;

retro jup delayed results; retro jup towards aries asc,
trine sun-sag 9th for luck, and trine leo 5th for luck-edu-position etc;

venus scorpio 8th aspected by jup, research-occult-pharmacy-forensic chemistry, passionate;
venus aspect own taurus 2nd protective of family-finances-singing voice;
past one year jup transit venus-scorpio 8th, good for marriage-relationship;

inimical sat coming 2.5yrs transit natal mer-sat own cap 9th/10th,
gradual lift in luck-edu-distant travels-career, but under stress-delay,
good at event management, quantitative techniques, negotiation skills;
having to now take long-term critical decisions of life;

sat transit 9th seeking change, distant lands;
sat 9th settling life at 36+,
observe fast sat evenings taking milk-fruits or as per custom;

sat cap elevated aspect libra 7th for marriage-relationship-vocation;

ketu separative SNode virgo 6th, critical thinking/attitude,
good for audit-quality control-investigative roles;
accident prone, job separations; pain-injury-surgery;

moon-rahu NNode pisces 12th, foreign lands and travels, acting skills,
prone to allergic colds, toxic health issues circulatory-feet etc;
rahu pisces learning to be sensitive,
seeking spirituality and light through darkness at the end of the tunnel;

ketu coming 1.5yr heading towards mer-sat cap 9th,
distancing from father and distant lands;
pain-injury-surgery knees-thighs-skin inflammations etc;
prayers to Mother Mary, offer red flowers wed evenings at the alter at home

moon-Rahu rise-fall in life, depression, prayers for welfare of ancestors,
observe fast No-moon evenings taking milk-fruits or as per custom;
observe death anniversaries in the family religiously;
may wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

hope jup now transit sun-sag 9th enhances luck and well-being;
chart prospects for growth-riches, advisory-managerial-trainer-negotiator roles,
good at operations-audit management;
philosophical-optimistic, seeking sensitivity;
tending to distant lands, accident prone, job separations,
rise-fall in life, settling at 36+, hope remedies help.
wishing luck with jupiter and patience with inimical sat own cap,
luck under stress-delays; retro jup again delayed results;

do promptly ack,
share pointwise salient feedbacks sounding true-untrue,
which could be interesting to learn of here,

wishing well, kshantaram
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