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Re: It seems that I live in misfortunes that do not end

boleyn, I wouldn't say this to every one, but since you raised the topic of religion, I would add that provided this seems like a healthy, uplifting pursuit for you (vs. a way to feel guilty, as it does for some people,) you have some indications of a religious pathway in your chart. The 9th house rules activities that extend our personal horizons in some way: overseas travel, higher education, and religion. The sun by sign and house shows your identity or sense of self. Your sun is in the 9th house, in far-seeing Sagittarius, so you should feel at home in a religious identity.

The 12th house has multiple meanings, but one of them is a mystical approach to life. Spirituality could be either 9th or 12th house, depending upon the form it takes. Your moon in sensitive Pisces, together with your north node of personal growth in your 12th house, suggests that you would feel emotionally attuned to mysticism.

However, a religious identity typically involves the more formal, outward-looking, side of religion, as well as its more personal and private side.

Chiron sitting on your IC (4th house cusp) looks like a painful childhood.

One thing you might find beneficial, if you're not doing this already, is getting some really vigorous high-impact exersize. With Mars domiciled in Aries right on your ascendant, you probably come across to others as combative at times, even when you don't mean to. But then the square from Neptune-Saturn kicks in, along with the exhaustion.

Saturn and Mars can actually help each other, however; because Saturn is all about self-discipline. If you think about disciplining yourself (Saturn) in a regular athletic activity, I think you'll see some improvement. If you have the option for a water sport, your Pisces moon will probably benefit, as well. Even if you're a non-swimmer, a community rec center with a pool will probably offer aquatic exercise courses. But there's no single water sport here-- if you can somehow take up sailing, your Sagittarius sun will appreciate it. Even if you can go for vigorous walks, that's helpful.

Mars in a stressful relationship with Saturn can also lead to anemia, so you might get a routine blood test or take some iron supplements, if your red blood cells could use some help.

I don't know if you believe in "God's plan" for your life, but it's possible that your life up till now is preparing you for a sense of mission or vocation that you weren't ready to undertake previously.

I don't know what is your religious faith, but if you read the Bible, try James 4:8: "Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you."

But then, the universe notices when you take positive steps, no matter how small, to improve your well-being.

With all good wishes for your journey, W.
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