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Re: How to lose weight

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
Yes, I could see how negative energy could block weight loss.

I think I have always gained weight easily because I w3as sexually abused as a young girl. And gaining weight was my way to protect myself and my body.
Yeah this lady I saw told me the negative energy directed at me is causing my adrenal glands to react by sending messages to my thyroid gland to shut down metabolism and telling the liver to produce fat AS A FORM of protecting the body from the abuse. so yes, it could have benefit for you. but she also told me to take 1-2 nori sheets a day to increase the thyroid and that if I want my thyroid functioning well I need to avoid these thyroid lowering foods - capsicum, broccoli, cauliflour, oats.

If you look at my mother in law, she's abusing a lot of ppl all her life and she has an overactive thyroid and is underweight.
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