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Just world fallacy in astrology

Here is the definition of the just world fallacy
The Misconception: People who are losing at the game of life must have done something to deserve it.

The Truth: The beneficiaries of good fortune often do nothing to earn it, and bad people often get away with their actions without consequences.

In astrology, I see this as saying that someone's soul chose their path before their birth, therefore, whatever hard or difficult thing that has happened to them in life, it's actually what their soul really wants for some sort of growth. Good things, like being healthy and wealthy and having a generally easy and happy life, those are things that would actually be bad things to your soul, you just don't know it.

While I do think that the stars do have an effect on us and I think science will one day understand it, what if at the time you were born, the pattern of the stars that were in the sky that ended up having an effect on you were there for no rhyme or reason? So you look at the chart of someone who's healthy, becomes rich in their 20s, is tall and good looking, what if the planets that influenced things to be that way for them was just the way they were and he just happened to be the lucky recipient of having say a heavily Jupiter influenced chart? Where as someone else was cursed for no rhyme or reason to have a heavily Saturn influenced chart?
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