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Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week

I'm not usre of what I wrote in post #8 as it doesn't makes sense to me this morning but I haven't visited this thread of mine since3 I last posted.
I did got to the casino on the 22nd of April, and arrived around just past 8 p.m. I lost about $100, I went in with $170 and was going to call it quits when I noticed that a slot machine I had wanted to play all evening was finally vacated. This was around 10:45 p.m. I decide to go for it all and play as I usually did on that machine, incremental bets, but goo all the way to the highest bet. You can play one reel to five and bet one, two, five, ten, or twenty times one cent, So a five reel bet at 20 cents is a five dollar bet. I start however, with a three reel bet, past experience has taught me that it's futile playing anything less.
When I got to the maximum bet, wouldn't you know it?. I got the bonus play. In the bonus play you can choose from five extra spins of the reels up to twenty extra spins and if the wild card comes up then the winnings, if any, are multiplied accordingly. I chose fifteen extra spins. I think the max increase is 8xs the winnings. On about the ninth spin I hit the best possible spin one can make and got a jackpot of $1375.
I did keep playing for a couple f hours afterward but I managed to walk out of there, that time, with just over $1000. So I made over $800 that night.

The thing is, is that I started winning at about exactly the same time I had on that previous Monday night....and cooled off at about exactly the same time.
Go figure....
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