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Re: Lucky in Gambling This Week

On Monday, April 1st, I and a friend played the Daily Four lottery game here in Calif. We've been playing $120 once a month for the last 3 months and the first time out we got all four numbers, in a mixed order, and as we play the picks in the "Straight/Box" manner we won the "Box Only" prize of $344 ... I think it was. It was around that amount, anyways, and not a bad return for what we invested. The next time we hit nothing and on Monday we hit nothing.

My friend Jim, from down the street, came over about 9 p.m. and after hearing of my loss, He suggested we go to the Indian casino in nearby I had a $45 promo waiting for me.

Being that it was the "True Christmas Eve" Monday night [see my thread "Birth Chart of Jesus?" in the Degree Symbols sub-forum] I remarked that maybe I should as Xmas Eve has proven to be a profitable time for me to gamble in the past. I was referring to Dec. 24th as I had hit four out of five on the Fantasy Five lottery game about four years ago, which paid me a little under $500, and I had hit a Daily Three once for a ticket bought on Xmas Eve as well, whuch brought me about $400. But, being that it was the "True Xmas Eve" I thought that I'd give it a go.

Jim stopped to pick up his "old lady", [live-in girl friend] and off we went.
We arrived inside the casino at about a little before 10:30 p.m. and Jim said lets all meet back by the entrance at 11:30 pm. I asked if we could make that time 11:40 and they agreed. So, off I went.

In the first minute I hit a jackpot on a slot machine for a little over $100 I remembered another slot machine I had thought was a good one and went to it. there was guy sitting at it while his wife played the one next to it. So, I asked politely if I could play the machine and He got up, graciously, and allowed me to have at it. In five minutes time I won another jackpot of nearly $650. I gave the fellow $20 and went on my way. I went to another machine I like and in a few minutes time I won another, nearly, $200. I moved over two machines and won another $150, apprx. By the time I returned to the entrance at 11:40 I was up just over $1100.00... and I hadn't even used that $45 promotional.

Jim and his girl friend had gone bust, so I handed them each $20 and asked for another 15 minutes... which actually became more like 40 minutes and at which time I was up nearly $1700.00.

I cast a chart last night for the moment I parted with the two of them and began gambling and what I found is QUITE INTERESTING... INTERESTING INDEED...!

Here's the chart... disregard the title on the chart itself as I used the same template I have been using for that casino for a few previous casts. I just changed the date and time.
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