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Re: When a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- what house is impacted mo

Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post
In your experience, when a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- to what house will most of the planets energy's be directed?

i ask this because i thought about houses that are very different in their nature- and if it concerns a planet that is personal- it seems very strange how such a placement would work

for example having the moon around on the cusp of the 9th house but still technically being in the 8th- well the 8th and the 9th are extremely different houses, and the moon is representative of one's mother (one of the many things the moon represents of course- but this is one of them) so moon in the 8th is usually a position that presents itself difficulties and have a more negative connotation- especially concerning the mother, on the other hand the 9th house stands for expansion, luck, travel, religion, higher education- and having the moon in the 9th is overal mostly considered a more beneficial placement
The biggest difference between the 8th and 9th houses is that 8th STILL refers to dealing with others in one's life, whereas the 9th house is the personal opinions/philosophies/way of life evolving from the effect of others upon them.

A natal Moon on the 9th house cusp will move into that house within a month or two of birth. What does this say about the (conditions of)
biological mother? What aspects are made from Moon?

The Moon represents the impressions of outer stimuli (others, especially women?) upon, and how it reacts to them.
Is the child tied through emotional memory (Moon) of the biological mother, whereby its philosophies are bound by hers? Does country of (her) birth enter into it? Or, is it impressed by the life philosophies of others deemed 'wiser' than itself, that it follows?

Criminality falls under the 8th house; 9th house is the house of further education, 'get rich', benefits of all kinds., and the law of the land. How does Moon react under such circumstances?

this can also apply for example to planets being in a house in placidus- and in another house in whole signs, i have always wondered how that can be interpreted and especially if it concerns houses of very different natures- which lets be honest they almost all are so..
It can also apply to planets in retrograde motion that take days (= years) or months to turn direct before actually entering the 9th house.
Imho, in such cases the 8th house would have more of an effect from birth.
Moon never has retrograde motion.

I would think that the type of house system used depends upon the mindset of the astrologer involved.
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