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Re: When a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- what house is impacted mo

Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post
In your experience, when a planet is placed exactly on the cusp of a house- to what house will most of the planets energy's be directed?

i ask this because i thought about houses that are very different in their nature- and if it concerns a planet that is personal- it seems very strange how such a placement would work

for example having the moon around on the cusp of the 9th house but still technically being in the 8th- well the 8th and the 9th are extremely different houses, and the moon is representative of one's mother (one of the many things the moon represents of course- but this is one of them) so moon in the 8th is usually a position that presents itself difficulties and have a more negative connotation- especially concerning the mother, on the other hand the 9th house stands for expansion, luck, travel, religion, higher education- and having the moon in the 9th is overal mostly considered a more beneficial placement

so how would you say you have seen this work out?

this can also apply for example to planets being in a house in placidus- and in another house in whole signs, i have always wondered how that can be interpreted and especially if it concerns houses of very different natures- which lets be honest they almost all are so..

i would really appreciate insight in to this!

keep in mind that House location of a natal planet can change,
dependent on the house system chosen
easily verify at's Extended Chart Selection Page
fourteen of the more popular house systems currently in use are available options
Placidus is simply the default
to view for yourself how that works in practice create your natal chart
using WHOLE SIGN HOUSES option

compare with the same natal chart using the Placidus option
Whole Sign House ascendant sign becomes the whole first house
and the other houses follow.
The ASCENDANT POINT ITSELF can then fall anywhere in the first house
MIDHEAVEN POINT anywhere in the upper half of the chart
There are at least twenty or thirty different house systems
or means of dividing the so-called "birthchart"
into twelve segments of life activity.
In astrology, houses, mansions, or domains
represent general areas of life activity
and are the grounding areas or arenas of expression for planets.
Originally, the words "houses" and "signs" were interchangeable
A planet in the SIGN of Aries
was also a planet in the HOUSE of Aries
so that in effect houses as we know them today did not exist
Artificial divisions now known as houses
were attempts by early Greeks and Hindus
to measure strength "points" in the horoscope
which during 7th and 8th centuries AD were construed
or confused
as means of dividing the birth chart.

The ascendant and midheaven degrees and their opposites
were definite power points
or areas of intense focus
but not necessarily the beginnings of a house or quadrant
The Whole Sign House system was used by the ancient Greeks
and the Hindus (who still use it today).
It is the oldest and simplest house system in existence
and immediately eliminates the awful mess
astrologers have made on the issue over the last 1300 years or so



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