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Mars, Saturn, Venus and Moon in Taurus in 4th. IC 3 tau, Mars 6 tau, Saturn 11 tau, Venus 16 tau and Moon 24 tau. Mars is in exile but potent at 3 degrees off the lower angle. He rules the 10th and 3rd. Saturn rules 1st and 12th. He is separated from Mars by 5 degrees; both are angular. Expect an event age 5. Venus follows at 16 Taurus, 5 degrees from Saturn: now surely a significant event around age 5. Venus rules 4th where she is posited, and 9th. Finally the Moon who rules 6th.

The rulership of 7 houses is posited in Taurus in the 4th. Ruling planets have strong influence on planets within their domains. Every time a planet passes through a fixed sign it will be in hard aspect to the stellium in Taurus.

There is an exceptional amount of energy directed toward 4th house affairs after the fashion of Taurus. Venus becomes a predominant figure in the chart as lord of Taurus in her own house (sign).

When we say "Venus is predominant", what we mean is that our ability to form cooperative beneficial relationships, to bring things to a full and fitting conclusion, to find and create beauty and harmony in our lives, as well as all other Venus attributes will tend to dominate other energies and our life view.

All members of a stellium are taken to be in conjunction whether within orb or not. My working definition of a stellium is: 4 or more planets in the same sign or house, at least 2 of which are not Sun, Mercury or Venus. A stellium indicates "exceptional concentration of energies" and a triple conjunction does not meet this criterium; it is not yet strong enough.

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