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Re: Eclipse over MC

Originally Posted by Somna7H View Post
Upcoming eclipse gonna happen in Aquarius on 27th.
My MC 15 in Aquarius.
Is this the End of my Career ?
Only if you're about to retire.

Having an eclipse on your MC/IC highlights that axis. There may be a shift in your home and working life simultaneously. Perhaps you move to take a new job, or move for personal reasons and have to take a new job as a result. If you're planning to marry, divorce, move in with a partner, or become a parent, that would be a shift in your role at home and in public.

Tenth house transits and eclipses can just as easily be about your public identity as about your career.

There was an eclipse near my Uranus/MC conjunction shortly after I joined this forum. In hindsight, I see a shift in public identity there: to the other regulars on this forum, I became known. A couple years later, I became a moderator, which makes me even more visible in the forum. When I became a moderator, Uranus and Jupiter were opposing each other and activating their natal positions in my chart (I have Jupiter on the IC and Uranus on the MC).
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