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Re: retro jupiter-travelling

There seems to be a theme here: I know/know of several people with a fifth/sixth house emphasis in their charts who've chosen healthcare-related careers.

Between having a sixth house stellium, and the fifth house cusp in Capricorn, I wouldn't be at all surprised if what you enjoy most has more to do with intellect and self-development, in the form of a "beat your own best" kind of achievement, than it does with fluffy "fun." If you feel that most people you socialize with are too shallow and materialistic, it sounds like you need people who are more interested in self development and ideas, and can do those things with you. Add to that, your eleventh house ruler (moon) in the spiritual twelfth house, in Leo, the sign of ultimate self development. You need friends (eleventh house) who are interested in less materialistic, more spiritual kind of self development, and can help you get there.

So, perhaps "fun" is the wrong word to use. Instead, think of it this way: what helps you relax? When do you feel the least stressed? What would help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, between now and exam time?

This is a year when lots of retrogrades are happening, and happening back to back. While Mercury always goes retrograde about 3 times a year, and every planet from Jupiter on out spends several months of the year retrograde, Mars and Venus retrogrades are much rarer--they happen once every two years for Mars, once in a year and a half for Venus--and this year, not only is there a Mars retrograde at the same time as a Mercury retrograde, Venus will turn retrograde when the Mars retrograde is barely over, and the end of the Venus retrograde will coincide with the beginning of the next Mercury retrograde.

For everyone, then, this is a year for a lot of rethinking and redoing. Retrogrades are a good opportunity to go back and correct whatever you didn't get right the first time. If there's anything not working for you--whether it's your friendships, your family relationships, your approach to work and studying, enjoyment or lack thereof--then this is the year to look at what you can do to change your approach.

If there are other people involved, like there are in your friend and family relationships, it's not all under your control--their choices affect the situation, too--but you can still look at how you might respond to make things better for yourself.
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