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Re: retro jupiter-travelling

Thank you Osamenor,Very nice definition.

''do you perhaps feel that your sense of identity is at stake in this exam?''

Umm,not at all.I think I changed a lot during the ages of 19-23.It is a long story to type here but shortly... Since my childhood i was not treated good(Pluto conjunct IC).So it was like that before,i tried to accomplish something and then i would confront with all these idiots with all ego of mine.So becoming doctor,achieving something was important for me before cause those idiots(i am talking about my relatives here)would accept the defeat.They did though...While my superiors and every other people praising me,they felt shame and started to bow down.

Now I am looking at those years and seeing how immature I was.Fighting that much with everything...this was not necessary at all,that was exhausting.Now I am totally different.First of all I do not see success as a source of happiness.

''In all this stress about Jupiter and Mercury retrogrades, did you manage not to notice that Mars will also be retrograde on your exam day? ''

Actually i could not see this,you are right, Mars will be retro too.

''Mars will retrograde in your fifth house, the house of fun. Since you are such a hard worker and putting so much energy into studying, I suspect you'll forget to have fun. That won't necessarily change the outcome of the exam, but it probably will be harmful to your health. Mars retrograde is a reminder to also do what brings you joy. Take some breaks. Don't make it all work and no play. If you do that, you'll be less stressed when you take the exam, probably do better, and you'll definitely be healthier.''

5th house yes...I literally forgot how to enjoy.My real problem is not exam.It stress me but it is a side effect.I do feel lonely,alone.At my college I have friends but I do not enjoy with them,I find them literally fake,boring and materialistic.Unworthy for my friendship.I just love two girls here.But I do not like their other friends so i sometimes go to see them.

I do not have a strong family bonds,sometimes we do not talk to mom for weeks(it happened once for 5-6 months,yes we live in same home!yes i know interesting)I do not love my brother too,can not forget the things happened in the past.I have two childhood friends with whom i love them really much,but unfortunately they live in another city so we contact each other via phone most of the time.

I can not forgive people.I can not forget the things,I can not understand why people treat me bad.I do not know why..

I tried to do many things,tried sports,violin,flute etc.But nothing cheered me up.Now i kind of shut my doors to outside.Because no one makes me feel relieved at all,or loved or anything.The loneliness which i am facing for a few years ,now at the peak level.I tried chatting online to people for getting out of this loneliness but it did not work too.When i close my computer they disappear and it makes me worse.

I am not stressed because of i want to be this or that.I just want to change the social circle around me.I really do not care the type of speciality anymore.Probably i am gonna be a family physician.I just want to move to a bigger city where i can meet different people,make different friends and hopefully fall in love!

With the jupiter return actually i was expectingit being my 7th ruler,maybe i said maybe there could be a love interest.Unfortunately it does not seem so.All i do is stupidly liking wrong ones(married dudes! )And all astrologers keep telling me all the time i have to get more mature etc etc which makes me even sad and worse..

''It sounds like this licensing exam you're going to take is the completion of your formal education. Is that correct?[/QUOTE]''

I am in the last year of medical school.So this exam is like determining the speciality field where i will continue..I mean like pediatrics,pathology,internal medicine etc.
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