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Re: retro jupiter-travelling

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
Long time ago i talked with an astrologer and she told me astrology can not tell you everything except very important life events.She said exam's results can not be seen too.But I think some exam's really shape our lives.They make us moving our place,or start working etc.So I do not know how you and other member's think about this?
The astrologer you talked with is right. There's no way such a specific detail as exam results will show up in your chart and transits. You would, after all, be having those same transits on that day even if you'd chosen a different career path and weren't taking that exam.

What transits show is a general sense of the energy that's up for you. You will be having both a Mars return and a lunar return that day. Mars and the moon are great at heightening emotional and stress responses. Last year, I had a Mars return that became exact the very hour that the moon made an exact opposition with my Mars, and I really felt the tension. I became much more impatient, volatile, and got super angry when the bus I needed to take home broke down and I had to wait another 20 minutes for the next one.

In your case, the combination of Mars and lunar returns, at what's already a stressful moment, suggest emotional volatility, but you would probably just chalk it up to exam stress if you knew nothing about astrology. That doesn't mean you'll fail your exam, just that you might feel extra stressed and emotional at the time. Since you have a Leo moon, that suggests emotions and ego being tied closely for you... do you perhaps feel that your sense of identity is at stake in this exam?

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
The first thing i saw is the mercury retrograde...But everyone will enter in this exam when mercury is retrograde so there must be something special to my chart.
But when I look deeply it makes opp (wide orb) to my own natal mercury with the sun.That sounds pretty awful...And also The opp between moon-Saturn-Mercury just like my natal one,shows how tensed and stressful I will be.It is like everything is about MERCURY!
You're already stressing about it, and it's months away. It doesn't take astrology to tell us that you'll be tensed and stressed about this exam! Or, more accurately, that you expect to be, and expectations are everything here.

The potential for being highly stressed and tense is there, yes. Likely because of what you're doing, and there's another retrograde planet to look at here....

In all this stress about Jupiter and Mercury retrogrades, did you manage not to notice that Mars will also be retrograde on your exam day? You will have three Mars returns this year, which is a very rare occurrence. Mars will transit your natal Mars direct, again when it's retrograde, and again after it goes direct again. Your second Mars return will be happening when you take the exam.

Retrogrades shine a spotlight on whatever area of our chart they happen in. When Mars is retrograde, consider which house(s) of your chart it's retrograding in. What about your life, relating to the themes of that house, needs improvement? Where are you overextending your energy? What are you forgetting to put energy into?

Mars will retrograde in your fifth house, the house of fun. Since you are such a hard worker and putting so much energy into studying, I suspect you'll forget to have fun. That won't necessarily change the outcome of the exam, but it probably will be harmful to your health. Mars retrograde is a reminder to also do what brings you joy. Take some breaks. Don't make it all work and no play. If you do that, you'll be less stressed when you take the exam, probably do better, and you'll definitely be healthier.

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
Thanks God Jupiter will turn normal route and there will be almost exact conjunction to my natal one.Can this bring luck to me?
What that really means is, you're getting a few direct passes of your Jupiter return. That happens every twelve years--it's an age related transit, always happens when your age is approaching a multiple of 12--and in a Jupiter cycle, there's some completion of themes relating to your Jupiter placement. Jupiter is also your education and how you approach it. It sounds like this licensing exam you're going to take is the completion of your formal education. Is that correct?
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