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Re: retro jupiter-travelling

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Jupiter is retrograde for about 4 months every year. That means it's retrograde for about 1/3 of the time. People travel during Jupiter retrograde all the time, and it's not known for throwing a wrench into travel plans. Mercury retrograde does have that reputation, because Mercury deals with the nitty-gritty details and that's what breaks down during Mercury retrograde, but not Jupiter.

Mars will be conjunct your sun and square transiting Jupiter whether you go on the trip or not. That transit doesn't necessarily spell accident, but even if it does, you would be no less likely to have one if you stay home. Perhaps it would be a different kind of accident, but if you're going to have an accident, you're going to have one whether you're traveling or not. The wise thing to do would be take reasonable precautions, and do what you can to prevent an accident, wherever you are.

Quote from an article about Jupiter retrograde, found here:
Since you have never had a good relationship with your brother, Jupiter retrograde in your third house suggests that's the growth area you need to work on. Jupiter transiting water signs indicates emotional issues being up... depression being that issue for your brother... and his being in the military is neatly reflected by your third house cusp being in a Mars ruled sign. In that light, it makes more sense to me that the square from Mars to Jupiter, over your sun, reflects the military connection, than that it means you'll have an accident.

If there are deep seated issues in your family as a whole regarding anger, depression, or similar problems, Mars over your sun would reflect that as well. In that light, going to see your brother, particularly since he's asked you to come, is probably the best thing you can do.
Thank you Osamenor!

Very nice explanation!

It makes me always surprised how accurate astrology is and how it fits in real life.Yes that i should have thought mars-sun-6th house thing could be the military where my brother works now.It is not hi actual job but in my country guys have to work for army for a period.He will stay there for 6 months but what you told about depression is ,the water sign 3rd house and jupiter involved with watery signs and makes trine them fits well.

Almost one month ago he asked me to prescribe SSRI(antidepressants) for him.In my family i think no one is mentally normal lol.I am into depression for years.I actually forgot how to enjoy to be honest.My mom is the worse one i guess.She has been over it since I know myself...

Why i got scared that much I do not know.Maybe i will go alone that's why.But as you said the accident would be taken place even if i was at home(a few days ago i burnt my lip with hot tea.. so it happens..)

Now even though i forced myself not to look at but ...I made another transit chart combined with my birth chart.This is the day when my speciality exam will be.It makes me very stressed and i thought whether i will pass or not ,maybe if I knew the answer (even the results are bad)I would feel relieved..I think Jupiter's transit in my 3rd house mainly shows this area.My hard work since last year.Jupiter expands things and I have never studied that much in my life indeed.

Long time ago i talked with an astrologer and she told me astrology can not tell you everything except very important life events.She said exam's results can not be seen too.But I think some exam's really shape our lives.They make us moving our place,or start working etc.So I do not know how you and other member's think about this?

I hope you can check this transit too,if you are busy no problem

The first thing i saw is the mercury retrograde...But everyone will enter in this exam when mercury is retrograde so there must be something special to my chart.
But when I look deeply it makes opp (wide orb) to my own natal mercury with the sun.That sounds pretty awful...And also The opp between moon-Saturn-Mercury just like my natal one,shows how tensed and stressful I will be.It is like everything is about MERCURY!

Thanks God Jupiter will turn normal route and there will be almost exact conjunction to my natal one.Can this bring luck to me?

I am a bit confused now.If I take whole signs then Venus becomes my 9th ruler,if not mars..If i take mars then there is again exact conjunction to my natal one.What does this mean really?It means that i will be competitive,direct and all?Will it give me ambition and courage to accomplish something?Is it a good thing?

As i told before i won't feel bad even if results are not good so do not hesitate to tell me.I am just tensed of this uncertainty.

Thank you
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