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Re: Plutao Square Saturn transit

Pluto square natal Saturn is a transit in which a person has both personal empowerment and control issues highlighted in a way that is challenging especially to ones' innate sense of control and security. Often that control/security is a survival mechanism of self-protection that at some point becomes no longer effective as a way to live.

It is easy to feel that certain changes are being forced upon you now, but fundamental changes in the structures of your life must happen whether you like it or not. So the point is to participate rather than resist. These forces for change may seem like they are coming from parents, authority figures, government, or persons more powerful than you, but they are actually erupting from your own unconscious.

If it is left as only a battle of wills you will experience the worst of the transit, which will last a couple years longer. Look hard for new resources to help you. Some of the old ones may be gone for good. Things you assumed you could rely on regularly may be dried up or denied you now. Give up things you don't actually need right now and look for your inner strength to help you push through. Luxuries and indulgences will have their time again in your life later, but for now, draw on your inner strength and ambitions to move forward.
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