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Re: Why did this happen help guys:

Thank you V
She is a capricorn with a taurus moon she is everything god put on this planet to be as a mate, she is my twin, my life, her parents are ill but we will get through that soon as i can kick this depression and go after that job in LA if that fails NY is a big place too i know i can find something else to do here if i can just get out of this rot. i will put up her chart soon if you want to help.

BYTheway, if anybody is looking at that chart of her mom, i thought i mentioned that the time is wrong and my girl is certain that the location is wrong so scratch that, i thought that was the country she told me they were from. I will find out and update soon

PSPS. note how i use the term "relationship" lightly while referring to the last woman, it was not a relationship i dont think it can be classed as such the gemini monster lady tried to kill my entire family after she was diagnosed with bipolar and broke her former husband's windscreen in a domestic fight they had and then she continued to come after me because i would not put up with her violence after that she sent threatening emails and phone calls to all my family and friends (which brings me to why i said not to be open with information with anyone else) because after the first 2 dates she wanted to proceed with things and i rejected her she took great offence and wanted to kill herself and me and my family then i later discovered that she has been telling my family members that i had proposed to marry her (which i did and we did get married) but she after divorce she started destroying me and sent my work collegues emails of all our correspondence, she ruined my life but she was not the only one from past relationship that tried this that is why i said hurt from past relationships, this is a pattern but all the past hurts is not holding me to depression because i am changed now, my sweetheart is making my life so happy , i believe what dr.farr said is the real cause, all that pluto is causing anxiousness for my la job and the problem with my girlfriend and her family. i will like to make a new horary to ask if my girlfriend's family will agree to me asking their daughter to marry me, that one would require just a yes or no , stillone hope you would be able to help

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