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Smile Will I be well enough to attend?

Hi friends,

I signed up for a Qigong class hoping my health problems with fatigue (if we're getting specific? Tests seem to indicate a really bad bug overload, possibly Candida) would be well enough by the time it arrived that I could go. I had a really bad time last week but feel a lot better this week. The problems are mostly with endurance and it's a really long drive so that's the part I'm worried about, plus staying at the conference for a long time. It was also very, very expensive, so don't know if I can get a refund. Someone could drive me on the weekend, that would eliminate the first problem, and they probably wouldn't want to wait around anyways so they could drive me back after a short time but it's also that being around people really drains me, but maybe I wouldn't have to talk much. I thought this seemed really special because I had been looking for sort of a spiritual mentor/Qigong teacher for awhile, and it was quite the coincidence that soon after I watched his videos online (and having not been able to attend classes with another teacher) I also learned that he was coming to my area all the way from China. This was after I had sent a wish out that I would someday find a teacher. However, that was a long time ago, and my health wasn't quite as bad at the time of the wish. I notice on this chart that Saturn is in the sixth house of health, maybe not a good sign. When I cast the question I was feeling a lot more poorly than I am now, but I am guessing it's still just as valid (this is the first time I have asked a horary question so please let me know if I made any mistakes!)

Thank you wonderful friends for helping me out. I appreciate it

No matter the outcome I still vow to be happy with life and thankful for the kind advice here
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