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Re: Is there still any black magic on me and my family ?

Firstly, The Lord of the twelfth is the sun and it is ruled by Saturn, which is located in the querent's twelfth and in Mercury (the mischief makers sign).Mercury too is in Saturns sign and there is mutual reception between Mercury and Saturn....(although we must note that Saturn is *retrograde* and weakened by that. Mercury is also retrograde, and so this mutual reception is not strong...)
And then on to this consideration:

when Saturn is Lord of the ascendant and 12th, and in the 12th Retrograde,

* where Saturn actually is in this chart and staying there, by retrograde motion

or in the 7th or 8th house in the same condition, and the Moon being Lady of the 6th, apply to Saturn, we constantly judge the party enquiring is Bewitched or Fore spoken, or that an evill Spirit hath power over him, and that the Infirm will be sore oppressed and disturbed in his Fancy, if not distracted.

Well the moon is NOT *lady of the sixth* but the moon applies by trine to Saturn from the the fourth and the ruler of the fourth is Jupiter, also in Saturn's sign.....
This tells me that for black magic to be effective it must be *received*..
So from this I can say that Yes you have been the recipient of some rather debilitated black magic which you believe to be causing ill health.

*If the Lord of the ascendant be Combust, or infortunate in the 12th, or joyned to the Lord of the 12th, there may be great feare, that the party enquiring or enquired for is Inchanted or Bewitched,*
Well, the Lord of the asc is not combust but WILL BE by retrograde motion so your fears may become more pronounced.
Your mother is ruled by the tenth in this chart.
Mercury-so you two are ruled by mercury in Saturns sign-*fears about health matters* Your mothers *state of mind is also ruled by the twelfth (her derived third).
The house of your mothers children is H2 cusp ruled by Venus-Libra-the attainment of balance. Venus applies a trine to Saturn on your me that indicates you can appease your mother's fearful state.
i think william Lilly also included a *cure* for bewitchings...Let me look.
Best wishes
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