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Re: Does he really still like me?

I would say yes there is a change in the way he views you, not in a bad way though. Sun, his physical side is exalting Jupiter, so he is physically attracted to you, but his 'thinking' self Mercury is retrograde and in detriment of Jupiter, so he is perhaps not as attached to you mentally. But there is reception there between Moon and Sun, and Moon translates between Jupiter and Mercury, showing perhaps going back together.

Sun also in Cancer (just entering) shows him beginning to want that emotional connection, I'd say the logical side, Mercury might be retreating because of issues between you. Mercury is also under the beams, so this show stress on his part.

But there is a good chance for something developing again, the receptions are pretty good here. Neptune right on 4th cusp shows uncertainty regarding your family. If I leave Jupiter for the family, and leave Moon for you...Moon translating between Jupiter and Mercury shows perhaps you having to mediate and negotiate between them (between family and this guy) to make them at peace with each other. But that perhaps needs a separate question to be completely certain.

I hope things work out. Let us know what happen. All the best!

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