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Re: Enjoying the Exploration of the Massive Field of Astrology

Originally Posted by Aundine View Post
I have to tell you....It's only now that I'm experiencing the whole, "WTH didn't I see that last week??" I now have friends who are great about me reading their charts and they've all had such huge changes in their lives and I've caught a few of them, but not as many as I'd love.
Hello Aundine and welcome
Ours is a learning forum where beginners at all stages are learning to delineate/read natal and other charts by practicing
some members began only days ago, others months ago, many one or two years ago,
some took an interest and began studying astrology five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty years ago.

Some members prefer to keep to one particular method,
while others such as the experienced dr. farr who has studied astrology for approaching fifty years
are 'eclectic' and combine Western, Sidereal, Tropical, Vedic, Ancient and Modern.

Originally Posted by Aundine View Post
This field is RIDICULOUS, and huge, and grand. And there are new aspects and asteroids that are showing up all the time.
By the way, there are at least one and a half million asteroids orbiting our sun,
and so there are at least FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX ASTEROIDS ON EACH DEGREE of the 360 degrees of any natal chart
with more being discovered daily.

Since the International Astronomical Union is less strict on how asteroids are named
when compared to other bodies,
there are asteroids named after Mr. Spock of "Star Trek" and rock musician Frank Zappa
as well as more solemn tributes, such as the seven asteroids named for the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia killed in 2003.
But naming asteroids after pets is no longer allowed.
Asteroids are also given numbers for example, 99942 Apophis

Originally Posted by Aundine View Post
I learn something new EVERY time I look at my chart. Forget what I learn from others... I am constantly humbled by the fact that there is no limit to what needs to be known here....
There is certainly no limit.....Astrological techniques include Ancient, Modern, Traditional, Vedic, Uranian, Tropical, Sidereal, Event, Horary, Natal, Mundane... and that's mentioning only a few aspects of this infinite field of interest. So there's plenty to read and learn
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