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Re: RULERSHIP - DETRIMENT aka EXILE also EXALTATION & FALL an in-depth exploration

There's only three dignities: domicile, exaltation and fall.
But I thought terms and 12th parts were the only way to explain differences between twins...

And fall is not a dignity, it is usually called a debility.

It's not my fault the silly Greeks were too stupid to understand why the bodies are domiciled where they are.

It's not my fault the idiot Greeks were too stupid to understand why the bodies are exalted where they are, and as a consequence of the reason why they're exalted, they're in fall in the opposite sign.

Then the moronic Greeks were stupid enough to thin that if a body is in fall in the sign opposite exaltation a body must be "harmed" by being opposite it's domicile.
You must really hate Greeks. Can you explain why Mars is exalted in Capricorn? Sometimes it is hard to understand someone speaking through so much foam in his mouth.

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