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Re: RULERSHIP - DETRIMENT aka EXILE also EXALTATION & FALL an in-depth exploration

Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post

Can someone show me
how Carole King
was harmed?

She's 75 and still writing songs, still performing in public and on TV and not in the poor-house.

I'm not seeing
how her life
is a Greek tragedy.
Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post

In case you didn't know, H5 is the artsy house and it also trines Ascendant.
in case you did not know, House Five Significations include:
Love affairs, romance, lovemaking, sex.
If afflicted, promiscuity, sexual inhibition, immorality

The acute probably already noted CAROLE KING has AQUARIUS SUN FIFTH HOUSE

Carole King may have "had plenty of money"
Carole King’s husbands/relationships over decades
led from romance to tragedy.

In Goffin's case, it was his use of LSD.
King leaves out his supposed affairs.

Carole King divorced husband No. 2, bass player Charles Larkey
after two kids and six years of marriage.
Most of Carole King’s husbands are still alive
but not Rick Evers, struggling musician
who became Carole King's third husband.

Rick Evers died from an overdose of cocaine
at a shooting gallery in Los Angeles in 1978
leaving King a widow at age 36.

Carole King slow to recognize the red flags
in Evers’ increasingly possessive, paranoid behavior
1978, when married and back in L.A., Laurel Canyon
Evers slugged her in the jaw without any warning.

and unfortunately

This soon became a pattern:
While she was lying on the ground
Evers would cry and apologize.

Carole King writes: “......I’d always thought, if I found myself with a man like that
first time he struck me
I would never stay with an abuser.
Until I did.....”
Carole King learned to say “no” to her cash-dependant husband
who constantly asked her for money to buy drugs
she eventually left Evers.

Husband No. 4, carpenter from Idaho Rick Sorensen, aka "Teepee Rick," to whom Carole King was married from 1982 to 1987
bought a large ranch with her in central Idaho
which he managed until they split.

For those looking in-depth at the categories of rulership and detriment or exile
as well as exaltation and fall or depression.
also explores common misconceptions about planetary dignities, along the way
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