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men bring action, woman bring reception, to twothumbs


You said:
Originally Posted by Timmytwothumbs View Post
Intimate relationships all boil down to "Will this person make a good parent for my children" subconsciously that one thought drives us through life from puberty...
Now Venus, represents kindness,compliments, adoration, gifts, the five senses. All things a man brings to the table...
Men look for physical action in a relationship (mars)...
Timothy Wilson?
Yes, my name is Tim Wilson soooooo I'll call you "twothumbs" to keep things clear!

I get Sun and Pluto for men and Moon and Neptune for women. It's the Men don't use Mars and Women don't use Venus thing that I'm getting hung up on. Men ARE Mars: action before thinking, being before just want to DO STUFF. Women are the OPPOSITE: thinking before acting, feeling before being, women just want to FEEL STUFF. So when a man is looking for a women, he already HAS the "doing" thing down, he's looking for what he DOESN'T have: feelings. And vice versa for women: they already HAVE feelings they want someone to take some ACTION for them. That's why women tend to like "bad boys" who are all powerful action and NO thinking...and men tend to like women who make them FEEL attractive and desirable.

To me, that just seems to be the nature of things.

Still confused,

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