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Originally Posted by FieryNeptunian View Post
I have been told to look at the seventh house. But I have Venus, Neptune, Saturn and the Sun in the seventh house and I definitely don't want a Libra/Pisces/Capricorn/Leo mix. I prefer monotype partners.
Depends on your gender.
Men use Sun, Venus and Pluto for intimate relationships. They look for Moon, Mars, and Neptune
Women use Moon, Mars, and Neptune for intimate relationships. They look for Sun, Venus and Pluto
Both sexes use Mercury and Uranus for friendships.
If Jupiter is involved with the personal planets I listed above you are attracted to younger people, if Saturn is involved you are attracted to older people.
In couples charts I look at the relationships these planets have with each other now Pluto Uranus and Neptune are generational planets so they have less affect on personal preference but they do play a role. You'll notice people who have good aspects to their generational planets are also considered attractive amongst their peers.
Oppositions between two people often attract over all other aspects. Sextiles are good too. Trine's seem to form more friendship relationships. And squares can have really high ups and really low downs and their relationships don't always last but there are some exceptions.
I hope this is helpful
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