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Re: Musical talent and fame indicators?

Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
It seems to me that you are making the right moves to get yourself to your goal. Good on you man.

In the meantime while you plan your trip to L.A why don't you try to put up some videos on youtube and social media sites? Even if you get 30 views on your vids, at least that's better than 0 innit?

What this post indicates to me is that you have the ability to perform in front of a crowd and that I think is a route you should continue pursuing. I think continuing to get your voice heard in any capacity will do you good especially because you have dreams of making it big. The previous poster made a good point in that of the professional planets Mars is in the strongest position and it also has dignity by term. This Mars may imbue you with the drive and energy as well as the ambition to climb the social/ music hierarchy. It's true it(Mars) doesn't lead to music/rapping per se but their are other features in your chart that imo offsets this.

In any event, I can tell you are enthusiastic and know what you want. I say continue and try to get the word out about yourself through an active internet presence and with people you know in real life. You can even post some of your stuff in the show off board so people can see/ hear what your all about.
Thanks for the support my man. I've been visualizing and believing in this for over a year haha I think I've just vibrated my desire for so long it's starting to feel like a certainty. This certainty, ironically gives room for major disappointment, though i try not to focus on that. I will try my best!!!! and if I do post any music I will be sure to let the forum know(:
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