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Hi Charlie !
I am a student of vedic astrology and i can intuit the lagna chart sometimes.
I recast your details in vedic format and have this to say :

Three important planets ( Asc sun and Mars) in Dhanishta nakshatra ..the nakshztra fir the musician (especially drums or similar percussions)in your first house. This means you completely define yourself by your music .Moon in Libra Swati nakshatra rules dispersal ( wind instruments) and your Saturn is strong in Aquarius.
I am not sure about the rapping part as i was looking for some strength in Gemini or Taurus for that. Have you tried Drums or Wind instruments. In fact anything to do with instrumental music is very strong in the can certainly make a musical career as all these planets are in Capricorn.Do as your spirit wills.
All the best and God bless!

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