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Re: Musical talent and fame indicators?

I personally thought my venus placement was one of my best placements, very intriguing... I figured since it was trine my midheaven, in my first house, (i wish there was a more modest way to say it but people say I'm very attractive) not that it might have anything to do with my career, however my MH is then also sextile my Jupiter, in the 11th house. I'm aware my mercury isn't placed well, which really confuses me because I've always had a way with words, whether it came to writing a poetic essay in my AP english class (prolly the neptune influence) or just providing advice for a friend and making something easily understood (probably a capricorn trait). Anywho I appreciate the response. I will continue pushing(:

ALSO my pluto conjuncts my MH which explains my lust for a high social position. I came from absolutely nothing, so that is my fuel. My uranus in Aquarius (my sun sign, also born at sunrise) makes me a little more confident also in my ability to bring change to the world.

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