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Re: Musical talent and fame indicators?

Hmm, usually a musician would have Venus and/or Mercury well-placed. Mercury is not well-placed in this chart, Venus is not well-placed either. Neither of them testify to being involved with your profession.

The significator of profession in your chart is most likely Mars. It rules the 10th sign from Aquarius (Scorpio), is associated with the Sun, and is angular. However, it is contrary to the sect in favour (day sect), has no dignities, and is currently combust. I am not sure if it is making a phase with the Sun.

Given that, I am unsure if you would be suited to a life as a musician. But rap...hmm... maybe find a musical teacher who teaches rap and see how well you do? Or do karaoke sessions and record your performance...with songs from bands like Linkin Park, etc.


Your drive to pursue your profession is apparent, at least. I am also concerned about the Sun being in the 1st Place (Aquarius) but opposite its domicile. Curtis Manwaring states that the Sun in this state, testifies that the person has to struggle a lot to stand out. So far, I have seen 1 or 2 charts which demonstrate this issue.

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