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Re: Musical talent and fame indicators?

Thank you for the detailed reply!!!
What I am doing right now, I've been writing consistently for years and I know at this point talent won't be an issue. I already know that I am capable when it comes to that, it's all about getting noticed within the concentrated pot of music we call the internet. I honestly think I'll catch fire as soon as the right ears hear me. My aspirations don't stop short... I want to become a legendary, household name, the desire is strong within me as you can probably find in the chart. But as for getting exposure/experience in front of people, I have never had a formal performance. I've rapped at a party in front of everyone once, which turned out very well and I would consider that night to actually be a turning point for me, towards the right direction. What I am going to do is move to LA this month with a friend to truly pursue it. I feel my main goals are 'manifesting' a sound engineer and a music producer as soon as I get there. My goal is to manifest people who believe I can really do it, whom also have gifts and resources themselves. I'm aware I can't do this alone. A strong 11th house makes me feel this is the best way to go about climbing these steps in this industry. I haven't released any music at all, period. I've been honing my skills for almost a decade, though. I've been training for this my whole life without even knowing, and it's all lead up to me leaving my hometown to try and realize my dream.
Further thoughts?
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