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PLEASE READ (interpretation needed)

All my other posts weren't doing me justice, so I'm going to let it all out here. My one true goal is to become a famous rapper, and to use my platform to change the world and spread awareness.

I remember being 5 or 6 years old, going into my backyard where a swing wounld hang from the thickest branch from one of my two massive trees (probably oak). I would sit outside on this swing for hours at a time, and just think of words that rhymed and told stories with them. For some reason, rhyme had fascinated me and I always thought it was amazing how when words sound the same, that it had an affect, it grabbed the ear for some reason. I loved it. I unconsciously gravitated to rap as a very young boy (I am white, but I do come from the type of environment you would call the 'hood' I.E. no money or role models, surrounded by drugs and violence, etc.) I began actually writing raps in junior high, which lasted all throughout highschool as well. I even got my friends into doing it too my freshman year, and they went on to become the 'rappers' of the school while I stayed lowkey and honed my skills (I was very skilled in all the aspects of rapping and poetry after so many years). Yet I know I fathered them in this regard, it didn't bother me much.
Then I went to college. Continued writing lyrics and rapping them over youtube beats, though. I had been doing this for about 5 years by then. My father passed away while I was 6 hours away for college, I came back to my hometown and got stuck here. Now I am not in school, I don't have a job, no income or anything for myself. My mom lives off of the social security check she gets every month, which she uses to take care of my nephew who lives with us (us 3, 4 before my pops passed). My nephew lives with us because my sister was killed in '09, but that's another story. So, I was in a dark place. But in this space is where I discovered my spirituality (like most people). I have been studying things such as Hermetic principles and sacred geometry, manipulating reality with will (magick) and so on. I've gotten myself to a space where I feel I can do anything. I talked to my friends about this a lot, and even some of my family a little. It really resonates with my friends, and it's gotten to a point where everyone knows what I want to do and everyone believes I really can do it, because of my knowledge. So much so that me and a few friends are moving to LA to pursue this for real and they are willing to pay for my living until I make money off of my music. Kind of crazy but that's how much they believe in me.

I just want to know what my chart has to say about all of this............

Will I become a famous rapper? How long will it take? What will make it difficult? will if even be difficult? I would LOVE answers.

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