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Re: Musical talent and fame indicators?

Shouldn't you be posting this on some random youtube video? Just Kidding.

Astrologically, I'm seeing some glimmers of your desire to make a difference in the world. On the MC is Sagittarius, a sign known for crusading and ideological/religious fervor. With Pluto placed here you may very well have a dream of making a deep/emphatic (Pluto) difference in the world through a positive/uplifting (Sag) message. Any pubic role where you are able to influence a mass of people through ideological means may be attractive to you such as politics, clergy, and yes even rapping. Sagittarius can be very effective at "projection" as it is a hot and dry sign (so naturally rises) and is ruled by Jupiter (planet of expansion and abundance) and Pluto is seen as an intensifying agent.

Imo, your chart doesn't point strongly in the rap direction as I would want Mercury and Venus to be more strongly placed and/or pertinent to the "professional" places. However, I'm seeing other connections that might make rap a possibility. Modernly speaking your Mercury, the planet of speech and communication, is partile conjunct the planet of Neptune. This is an aspect of imagination as your rational mind is in touch with deeply sub-conscious energies of Neptune, the sea/ocean of irrationality. This may make you able to tap into certain ideas/ideals/"realities" that are harder to reach for many people and express it in such a manner that the masses can "get" it. This may be compounded by the fact that this occurs in the 12th house, which from a modern perspective is a house of the collective unconscious where humanity and the divine/archetypes meet. Such a configuration has it's downsides and especially if you're planning on going into the rap world, I'd be careful of falling deeply into the drugs and alcohol. This config suggests that you might be susceptible to escapism/ drug addiction. ( The 12th house is also a house of "self-undoing" and self-defeating tendencies, also of imprisonment of the physical/mental variety). Try to remain vigilant of this.

Another plus is that the Ruler of MC Sagittarius, Jupiter is in a sextile relationship to Venus which ties Venusian elements to the career. While Venus alone might not necessarily point to rap, Venus does introduce artistry/ delighting of the senses to your career expression so doing something that people find attractive/ appealing to their aesthetic sense is indicated by the chart. Mercury is in the same sign as Jupiter and can be said to have some influence as a result. Hence there is a Mercury/Venus relationship to the 10th house ruler but it is not very vigorous/striking.

As to being famous, both your sect lights are angular by whole sign and the Moon has significations towards the people/"masses" and it's placement in the 10th sign may mean a profession that places you in touch with people/makes you popular. Also the placement of the sun on the asc may indicate that "you" are noticeable/impactful in some way. Also, to make it in the rap world you'll need to have the energy to hustle/fight for your spot. Also having an "edginess" won't hurt you in that world. In that sense the planet of edgy Mars is right on your ascendant and rules both the 10th place and the Scorpio Moon. This may indicate a career path that employs Martian principles or that you have a reputation for Mars-like behaviour. It is out of sect so this may mean some trouble on your path; no one said it would be easy. Mars is also harder/sharper than Venus so this might mean your sound is less "chill" and probably utilizes stronger beats/ bass. Am I correct?

So practically speaking, what are you doing to realise this dream of yours? Have you begun writing any songs and marketing them/yourself? Do you go to events and participate to get some exposure/experience?
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