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Re: Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
The word "Horoscope" means "Horus the watcher". Since the word "hour" is also derived from "Horus", "Horoscope" in astrology involves the Ascendant , as "Watcher of the Hour".
Source? Sounds made up.

''from Greek hōra a word used to indicate any limited time within a year, month, or day, from PIE *yor-a-, from root *yer- "year, season"'' -

The ancients would also divide the day or night into watches, which are of different length from hours, which became popular during the Roman Empire. The NT uses both.

The word Horoscope definitely comes from Greek (Horoskopos) and means Hour-Marker. This is the word for the Ascendant and is not used for a chart in Hellenistic astrology.

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