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Smile Re: Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

Originally Posted by Alimal View Post
Yes, just like Astrology has archetypes as the planetary rulers of signs. However, some people branch out from the commonly accepted notions of these archetypes, towards ancient mythology, to attempt to better understand their relationship and traits.
I'm based mainly on Greco-Roman, but Inanna/Ishtar from ancient Sumeria is important to understanding Aphrodite/Venus, just as Osirus is vital to understanding Pluto.

Akhnaton did change things for the Egyptian religion, even though his particular sect didn't last long. He moved away from Osirian hegemony, and ended the connection between Horus and Osirus. The Aton was about Horus as the Solar-god of the Horizon, which links directly to the Ascendant, and to the Greco-Roman Solar-god Apollo, son of Zeus/Jupiter. The word "horizon" is derived from "Horus". The word "Horoscope" means "Horus the watcher". Since the word "hour" is also derived from "Horus", "Horoscope" in astrology involves the Ascendant , as "Watcher of the Hour".
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