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Re: Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
Any thoughts on the connection between Kronos/Saturn in the ancient Greco-Roman pantheon, and Christianity's version of Satan?
Was just reading this on a site; you may find it interesting:
In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the god named Osiris is the SO BELOW (earth) representative of the AS ABOVE king of all the planets,*Jupiter. The great Greek historian*Herodotus confirms this fact, Osiris and Jupiter are one in the same. Osiris is not a real person, but a man-made title for the planet Jupiter who the Ancients had worshiped.

The god Osiris on earth through mythology represents the planet Jupiter in the heavens. Osiris is he who is permanently benign and youthful, the creator god, the lord of love, the lord of silence, god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. In Greek Mythology, they had assigned Jupiter to their god Zeus who they had also called the “Morning Star and Light Bringer.” Allegorical names that all represent the same planet.

Osiris is also the father of the god of truth and light,*Horus.*In Egyptian mythology, we find Osiris as the Creator, his son Horus the Preserver, and his brother Typhon the Destroyer. The name Typhon is assigned to Osiris’s brother whose name is*Set (Set, Seth, Shaitan, or Molech), which*is where we get the modern word for who Westerners call “Satan or the Devil.” Set is the SO BELOW of the planet on the AS ABOVE called Saturn. Hence, the gods Set, Satan, the Devil and Saturn are all one and the same. Just like Osiris of the Egyptians, Zeus of the Greeks, Yahweh of the Israelites, and Jove to the Romans are all just different allegorical names from different ancient cultures,*which all represent the very same*one planet we know of today as Jupiter.

Since most ancient times in mythology, these two planets have always fought with one another. It is in*Ancient Egyptian mythology*where we find Set kills his brother Osiris. Hence, darkness and chaos (Set who is Saturn) kills the light and order (Osiris who is Jupiter). These same planetary and earthly battles were carried on by the Greeks, with Jupiter being assigned to Zeus who battles his brother*Cronus, and* also banished his own son Prometheus to an island to have his liver fed on by eagles for teaching mortals the secret arts and teachings.
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