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Friendships - am I interloper

This time has been great for connecting with people. I moved away from the States many years ago and with that comes disconnection. Recently I was invited to Zoom with some close friends when I lived in VT. I can't seem to shake the feeling I am more of an interloper and not sure why I was invited. I don't feel that way with the male friends in fact at the end of the call he complimented me and gave me a pep talk -something I really needed. The females though I don't know...a feeling I can't shake. I ask is this feeling more my own self-worth stuff or is there some validity. I ask as I have been thinking a lot of moving back to VT, but also realize life has gone without me and stepping back into the past and reconnecting with friendships may not be possible. Is this in my head or is there something to it.
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