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Re: JOB HELL. Will it end?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Not for my sake. I don't use relocated charts, unless I hear a burning question that's specifically about a relocated chart. My take on it is that your original birth chart is the one that really matters, no matter where in the world you are. Living somewhere else may give a slightly different tint to your life--it's like, the color scheme you started with was red and green, move over here and it's scarlet red and grass green, over there it's brick red and forest green (to use some names from Crayola!). But that's really all.

The reason I asked was that if you had posted your relocated chart, I would want to look at your original chart. Since you said you understood that living far from your birthplace changes your chart, I thought you might have switched to a relocated version. That's the only kind of change that living far from your birthplace makes. It doesn't change your original chart.
Thank you this was really helpful.
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