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Re: JOB HELL. Will it end?

sorry to learn of your grave personal n job situation!
hope information enables reflect on the chart :

sat transit own cap 12th for foreign lands from moon
under emotional stress;
sat cap elevated aspect sun libra 9th for luck, distant travels;

moon acq reformist, mystic, uncertain, innovative;

sun debilated libra, objective, fair, wavery mind,
aptitude for public relations management;
stormy anger when provoked;

ketu separative node conjunct sun libra,
distancing from father, distant lands,
pain-injury-surgery kidneys-thighs-heart-stomach etc

ketu now transit cap asc, pain-injury-surgery head-knees etc;
prayers to Chrsit, offer red flowers at alter at home fri evenings;
wear ruby over pendant touching heart;

sun-sat opp 3/9 axis
strained relationships with siblings, father;
luck-education-travels-initiatives under high stress;

sat-rahu NNode debilated aries 3rd,
hyper-impulsive, excessive risk taking, aptitude for social work,
rise-fall in life, toxic health issues, arms-shoulders-ears-brain etc,
prayers to ancestors, observe fast No-moon evenings;
observe death anniversaries religiously;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;
wear blue sapphire over steel pendant touching heart;

Scorpio 10th inimical for cap asc,
stress-delays in career-recognition,
research-occult-forensic aptitudes;
gemini 6th preference for analytical work;
mer over inimical scorpio 10th calling for extra efforts;
prone to knee-skin-urological-intestinal issues;

mars 12th sag for foreign lands, foundry technology etc;

jup lord 12th over 8th leo, commanding attitude,
success amidst adversity;
jup aspect own sag 12th supportive of foreign lands;

jup-moon opp, victory amidst adversity;
jup year later moves to moon acq 2nd;
moon lord 7th over 2nd,
financial support from spouse;
wear pearl over silver ring over jup finger;

jup trine sat-rahu aries 3rd protective of initiative etc;
prayers to saint of faith,
wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;
offer yellow flowers at alter at home sun mornings;
jup now transit debilated in cap asc;

venus lord 9th for luck negating to 8th virgo, debilated,
negating luck; self-centred; urological-intestinal-kidney issues;
venus elevated aspect pisces 2nd, supportive of family-finances;
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

sat sooner later moving to moon acq 2nd opp natal jup
could be more stressful, misjudgments-missed opportunities to avoid;
hope year later jup moving to moon acq easens;
rahu NNode year end moving to clever gemini 6th
could become tactical and helpful coping with challenges;

hope reflections n remedies help, do share how true-insightful,
traits-talents-health-life trends etc

wishing you well, kshantaram
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