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Re: Read my chart plz

Thank you for posting your birth data. I’m just sitting with your chart now. I’m just going to go with what pops out at me as significant rather than go about this in any organized way.

Intercepted signs are especially interesting when there are planets in those signs. Pisces-Virgo are intercepted, and Moon is in Pisces and Mars is in Virgo – both personal planets. It is common for people to feel a sense of being stuck in regard to those planets in those signs. But, let me get back to that in a moment.

Another thing catching my immediate attention is that the ruler of your chart - Venus - is conjunct Chiron in the 6th house, Libra. I think of Chiron as pointing a finger at a particular difficulty. And I will get back to this in a moment too.

The third thing popping out at me is that you have no planets in the first quadrant – houses 1-3. This quadrant is about your personal inner self – your sense of self – your “I AM”. But your South Node of the Moon is in Aries – the I AM Sign. So that gives a reason for the empty quadrant. Let me begin with your South Node and I’ll try to bring the essence of your chart into some perspective.

The South Node in Aries, 12th house is your past life or what you’ve inherited through your family system. This is quite an intense south node with the warrior, Aries. It gives you more intensity than would be normal having a Scorpio Sun. Very likely your family was a combat zone – not literally necessarily, but you had to fight for your right to be who you wanted to be, even if maybe it wasn’t your nature to do so. Taurus rising is going to want to keep relationships pleasant and even a little superficial. You may have been the family peacekeeper, but whatever went on there, you didn’t feel secure and safe on some level. With a Scorpio Sun, you probably limited your interactions and stayed out of the fray, but nonetheless, it wasn’t comfortable. You felt it to be a stressful situation. You may not have been able to express how you felt and my guess is, you escaped as much as you could – it’s the 12th house. You probably experienced some deep pain or loss. I’m talking about the past life now, but it will be recreated in the birth family. You are very young, so you may not yet be aware of your pain. I sure wasn’t at your age.

A Scorpio Sun will often deal with painful situations with humor. It’s a great tool. Your chosen name, Chuckles, might suggest that.

You have quite a lot of Aries influence with South Node and Saturn there. Saturn suggests that Mars and Aries play a big role in your life. You are very focused on being the individual you are and want to be – uncompromisingly so. You have got to be your own person as in that past life, this was frustrated for you. You felt a loss of support for being your SELF. So, it’s very important to you.

However, at this point, the goal of this lifetime is to balance that with more attention to who you are in relationships. With Saturn conjunct the South Node, I would think that is going to be a challenge. It’s going to take bravery and a lot of inner work to accomplish this. Now we get to the intersected signs. Mars rules your South Node and Saturn. It is intercepted in Virgo in the 5th house. Virgo makes you a good analyzer. You’re detail-oriented, organized, and you like to do things well. At least, these are Virgo qualities. But Virgo can also be very self-critical, self-doubting, and a bit anxious too. In the 5th house, Virgo could make you feel less confident than you let anyone know. Mars there wants you to play with different roles – like an actor does – to gain confidence in a variety of ways – to try out things, wear different hats, for FUN and creative play. But, with Virgo there, you will be reticent to do that. Timid. You end up analyzing yourself and/or other people. Maybe you compare yourself and feel like there’s no way you’ll do this or that. The key here is to use Virgo to analyze yourself for understanding instead of falling for self-doubting. When you analyze for understanding, you learn something about yourself and that can lead to greater confidence in new areas. With intercepted signs, you have to express through the sign actually ruling the house. In your case, it’s Leo – and Leo loves to act and loves an audience. Leo is the confidence-builder. For whatever reason, it’s good for you to analyze yourself and then its good for you to express and play with it. That would be my interpretation of your Mars in Virgo, intercepted in the 5th. Very likely, in your past life, you suffered from a loss of confidence in yourself. Say like maybe you were in a war and you were badly wounded in battle. You suffered a loss.

Anyway, the healing part of your North Node in Libra – is that Libra helps you to gain valuable feedback from others that will boost your sense of Aries I AM – to help you gain the confidence you need. The North Node is in the 6th house, so you find valuable relationships through work that give you the necessary feedback that is fulfilling. Venus rules your North Node and is found in Libra conjunct Chiron, also in the 6th. And let’s not forget that Venus is the ruler of your whole chart as it’s the ruler of your ASC. That makes Venus pretty important. I think work is going to be pretty important to you throughout your life. You could be attracted to the sciences, medical professions, animal professions (a vet), mentoring others, teaching . . . there’s many possibilities.

My interpretation of Venus conjunct Chiron – is that – this probably isn’t going to be easy. Scorpio Sun people are usually quite private people. They prefer that background. They like to observe other people and analyze them. They’re usually pretty psychologically astute and “get” people. But they don’t like to be known by them. Your sun is in the house of one-on-one relationships. Yes, you will have them, but probably in relationship with work. If you’re a physical therapist, you’ll work with one person at a time and get to know them, but they will know much less about you. The focus will be on them. But you’ll still be getting a lot of good feedback from your clients. I’m not saying you’ll become a PT. It’s just an example of how you might do Scorpio sun in the 7th house.

What’s important for you to know is, although relationships are difficult, you will be encouraged to learn how to handle them better as time goes on. It’s affirming to know there’s a reason you aren’t into people and you have to give your self that. It’s a conflict. Venus is very strong in Libra and you will be drawn to seeking to learn about yourself through them (eventually, if not now) – and yet, it will not be easy to trust anyone. Trust is the issue.

With the Moon in Pisces, you are most likely quite sensitive. With your Sun in Scorpio along with Moon in Pisces, you might even feel quite empathic. These are water signs. Moon in the 11th, you could easily identify with a group of people or a movement. You could also be very good at manipulating people to get what you want. You’ll always feel like you know more about them than they do about you, so it’s easy to take advantage. Because Pisces is intercepted, you Moon needs to express through Aquaris, the sign on the 11th house. That means that you need maybe be a bit more aloof, a bit more objective, having good boundaries around yourself. The Moon will be less empathic and more tuned into your own individual consciousness in the social sphere. But you may use your desire to be a humanitarian or to exercise your genius in a way that helps people. You'll want to express your moon in a unique way instead of just being a Pisces. Pisces is pretty spacious and non-directional. Aquarius has more direction and interaction. It should help take you out of yourself and how you feel and empathize and make your moon less emotional and more intellectual.

With Pluto and Mercury in Sagittarius in the 7th, you are here to review the conclusions you have made about people. You have strong beliefs about them, and some of your beliefs definitely don’t serve you well. If by the end of your life, you feel like you’ve changed some of your negative views about people, then you can consider this lifetime a success.

Jupiter in the 9th in Capricorn – you are here to explore who you truly are from the inside out. Capricorn is about integrity, about following what you know is moral and right from down deep inside – in regard to your behavior, actions and thoughts. It’s discovering your deepest, most authentic self – a self you can be proud of. Neptune in Capricorn and Uranus in Aquarius says similar things = it’s more energy to you truly becoming your own person. Part of that process will be changing some of your beliefs about people. You are a person – one of many people. You are part of the mess that is humanity. When you make peace with people and all that they are, you make peace with yourself.

Taurus ASC wants to make peace, establish harmony, make things simpler and more pleasant. In the bones of every Taurus is the knowledge that life can be simple, harmonious and good. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone who will show that to you, and you’ll fall in love. Life is funny like that. Sagittarius thinks it knows everything and that often gets in the way of learning something that would make us better human beings. Let Pluto teach Sagittarius a lesson. You don’t have to make yourself trust. Just be open and invite good into your life in thought and deed – and see what happens.

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