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Re: Read my chart plz

Hello chuckles,

1) In 2020, to make this the most favorable, let us know that you take into account the opinion of others in your decision making and in your certainty to be right ...

2) In 2021, you will be interested in your ability to achieve something rather inaccessible while making progress and want to achieve a goal while being in communion with what is difficult. It will be in favor of a hope compared to what is not easy to obtain but which you will want. This will lead you to want a valuation in relation to what you will do. You will absolutely want to get into the relationship with others. It will also be in favor of achieving a result in being appreciated or loved and moving things forward or even experiencing a renewal in what seemed unattainable, and you will fully invest. Your commitment will be absolute and even obsessive about what you want to do. This should especially occur during the summer.

Do not forget that it is you who invent your life, not the stars. The interpretation of the astral positions which concern you gives the frame.
Good luck.

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