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List of Erroneous, Illogical and Fictitious Systems in Astrology

1. Those who say that passive and destructive elements are naturally present with beneficent planets, like the cooling quality with the Moon and Venus, and the drying quality with Jupiter.
2. Those who say that active and fertile elements are naturally present with maleficent planets, like moderate heat with Mars, or moisture with Saturn, who is most removed from the earth.
3. Those who ''observe'' fictitious heliacal appearances with ecliptical degrees, like 7, 12, 15 and the like, rather than computing their arcus visionis, and similarly those who observe days with fictitious ''appearances'' or the so-called ''cazimi''.
4. Planetary Orbs with their countless variants.
5. Outer Planets, Asteroids and similar phenomena not capable of appearance and any sizable emanation reaching the earth.
6. The Countless Lots, Midpoints and Numbers for which no natural explanation can be given.
7. Those who neglect the Ascendant of the Moon, which is found by counting the distance from the Sun to the Moon from the Ascendant both by day, and by night.
8. Those who do not observe the topocentric longitudes of the planets.

Ecliptic or Places with respect to the universe
1. Application of Northern Hemisphere systems in the Southern Hemisphere.
2. Application of Seasonal Hemispheres systems in the Equatorial Zone, without proportion.
3. Constellations.
4. Zodiacs.
5. Mansions.
6. Exaltation degrees and their steps.
7. ''Dorothean'' and Morin's triangle rulers. Likewise the arrangement of the four elements around the four winds rather than around the four seasons.
8. Egyptian and Chaldean Terms.
9. Horas, Faces, Navamsas, Dodekatemoria, Monomoiria and the countless other vargas/divisions that are devoid of reason.
10. And all the fictitious traditions that follow those, to the detriment of the system of seasonal powers, that is, predomination by house, triangle, exaltation, term and aspect.

''Houses'' or Places with respect to the nativity
1. The traditional significations of the twelve houses, oriental sorcery, which as one contemporary of Morin put it, ''he would be ridiculous who might think that these ridiculous reasons require our refutation'' (Holden translation, Book 17).
2. Planetary Joys, Chaldean Orders and the like.
3. Sign-Houses, Equal-Houses and all not time-based quadrant divisions.
4. Those who do not take an offset from the ascensions, pre-ascensions and post-ascensions, or those who do not take 1/6, but take ecliptical degrees, or those who take 1/2 (by which I mean Dorotheus and some Indians), which is ridiculous with declining degrees.
5. Those who use systems employing ''risings, settings and culminations'' with circumpolar planets and fixed stars.
6. House cusps, for anything but noting the angularity powers.

Aspects and Configurations
1. Mundane, Ascensional and other non-ecliptic Aspects which are not in harmony with the universe.
2. Minor Aspects and other ''harmonic'' non-natural fictions.
3. Those who do not take the relationship by ecliptic place, and the seasonal powers within them, that is, those who accept ''out-of-sign configurations''.
4. Those who ignore the applications and separations within 15, and those who take bodily applications and separations when planets are on different sides of the ecliptic, similarly those who accept all whole sign applications and separations regardless of degree.

Natural Timing Systems
1. Those who use oblique and latitudinal directions, and those who accept as prorogators the five wandering planets regardless, when it is obvious that their powers are aroused only by the Sun, the Moon and the angles of the nativity.
2. Those who use sidereal revolutions, rather than the topocentric returns of the Sun and the Moon for the current place of the individual, and those who do not observe the five prorogatory places within them, Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Lot of Fortune and Midheaven.
3. Those who do not observe the ingresses, or those who neglect their power in the aforementioned configurations, their applications and separations.

Fictitious Timing Systems
1. All annual, monthly, daily and hourly progressions with all their variations of progression, whether by whole sign, or by degree, or by mean, or by true motions, by tropical month, or by synodic month, or by mean fictions, or by counting days, and the like. Likewise Secondary, Tertiary and other more logical progressions, yet not as natural in principle compared with the hourly movements, solar and lunar revolutions, and the ingresses of the planets.
2. 3rd, 7th, 40th and other ''days of the Moon''.
3. Dodekatemoria/Decennials, ''Zodiacal Releasing'', 129 years, lunar quarters, the exaltation method, the monomoiria method, the nine years of the Moon method, Firdaria, Indian Dasas, and all similar methods, whether they observe fictional or seasonal years.
4. Those who observe planetary years, ascensional times and their numerological combinations, rather than natural astronomy.
5. Likewise those who divide the life into two or three parts to the triplicity rulers, or those who do not accept the sevenfold division of life as necessary.

1. Those who observe the ''Aries ingress'' for the whole world, when it is not the beginning of the ecliptic in the Southern Hemisphere, nor the only one in any hemisphere, rather than following the syzygies most preceding solstices and equinoxes for each season, which is most proper and natural, like Ptolemy rightly puts forward in his second book.
2. Those who observe conjunctions of superior planets and thereby establish their universal astrology, when it is not clear what is their reasoning for that. Likewise, those who base their predictions on fictitious meridians rather than the equator, like Ptolemy in his second book.
3. Those who follow traditions and mix all planets, places and aspects, rather than conjecturing particular predictions to natural sublunar universals.
4. Horary ''Astrology'' which is sorcery, and not the science of the stars.
5. ''Electional Astrology'' which is the domain of universals and nativities, rather than of lucky days and sorcery. It is also an affront to human dignity and the beneficial internal locus of control that every free human has.
6. Relocation Astrology which too is sorcery, rather than the investigation of the interplay of the two parts, universal and genethlialogical astrology.
7. In general, everyone who does not apply the physics of the planets in relation to our sublunar biology, from which one can thereby conjecture human affairs. It is of course impossible to enumerate all non-physical methods in our field, since we can conceive such a variety and combinations of them.

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