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Re: Sun square Moon indicates bad father or bad husband in a woman's chart?

Originally Posted by Astrology View Post
Sun square Moon indicates bad father or bad husband in a woman's chart? I heard that women with Sun square Moon astrological placements have either bad relationships with their fathers or bad relationships with their husbands, in worst situations, both. So my question is, which one is it? Or is it both? Because I have Sun square Moon in my birth chart and honestly, I have a very bad relationship with my father, we lost contact with each other several years ago. Right now, I don't even know where and how he lives, or if he still lives. But I couldn't care less anymore because he hurted me a lot, both physically and emotionally in the past. I don't want to see him ever again in my life. But I'm concerned because I'm afraid that my future husband will just be like him since I have Sun square Moon.
The Sun Moon relationship is more about your perception of your parent's relationship than you own relationship with another. Except often what we see is what we, in turn, do.
But I see no reason that you MUST have a relationship with a man like your father, like you or your mother did with your father.
There is always hope to go in a new direction, if that is your intention.

I am truly wishing you the best,

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